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Complaint and Financial Information Regarding Insurance Companies

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has the following information available by company:

  • Complaints against a company in different report views
  • Key Annual Statement pages from the most recent Annual Statement
  • Financial graphs
  • States in which a company does business

The following is a guide to help you access this information:

  1. Go to the NAIC website,
  2. Type in the name of the company for which you want information (Remember to be brief when typing in the name – if you want XYZ Insurance Company just type XYZ)
  3. Choose the Company Type
  4. Click Find Company
  5. Find the Company that you want and
    Click Closed Complaints to see company complaint information
    Click Licensing to see company licensing information
    Click Financial Information to see company financial information
  6. On the Financial Information page you can click Get Financial Profile to view some company financial graphs
  7. Also on the Financial Information page you can click Get PDF Statement Data which will take you to a page to get company annual financial statement data – please note that this requires creating an account and charges may apply.

Please note that these instructions are subject to change if the National Association of Insurance Commissioners makes changes to their current website.