Kansas Administrative Regulations

Agency 40.  Insurance Department

Article 4.  Accident and Health Insurance


40-4-37n Long-term care insurance; home health or community care services.


(a) A long-term care insurance policy or certificate, if it provides for home health or community care services, shall provide total home health or community care coverage that is a dollar amount equivalent to at least one-half of one year's coverage available for nursing home benefits under the policy or certificate at the time covered home health or community care services are being received. This requirement shall not apply to policies or certificates issued to residents of continuing care retirement communities.

(b)  Home health care coverage may be applied to the non-home health care benefits provided in the policy or certificate when determining maximum coverage under the terms of the policy or certificate.


(Authorized by K.S.A. 40-103, K.S.A. 1991 Supp. 40-2228; implementing K.S.A. 1991 Supp. 40-2228; effective Jan. 4, 1993.)