Kansas Administrative Regulations

Agency 40.  Insurance Department

Article 10.  Firefighter’s Relief


40-10-5 Firefighter's relief associations; purchase of insurance; on duty coverage.


(a) Except as provided in K.S.A. 40-1707(b), 40-1707(c)(1)(A) and 40-1707(c)(1)(B), and its amendments, any insurance for coverage while on duty which is paid for in whole or in part by a firefighter's relief association from funds paid by the commissioner of insurance shall meet the following conditions:

(1)  Each policy shall be purchased, owned and held by the firefighter's relief association.

(2)  Each policy shall name the firefighter's relief association as beneficiary of the policy. The policy shall not contain a provision which would permit the beneficiary to be other than a firefighter's relief association.

(3)  The policy shall provide that each indemnity shall be paid to the firefighter's relief association.

(4)  Except as provided by subsection (b), the policy shall be limited to cover only accidental injuries, diseases, or death resulting from duties as a member of the fire department as set forth in K.S.A. 40-1707.

(b)  Each volunteer fire department may establish annuities in accordance with K.S.A. 40-1707(c)(1), and its amendments. Prior to the purchase of any annuity contract by a firefighter's relief association for and on behalf of the volunteer firefighters, the purchase of the annuity contract shall be approved by the attorney of the governing body.

(c)  K.S.A. 40-1707(c)(1)(A) and 40-1707(c)(1) (B), and its amendments, shall be applicable only to group term, group permanent or individual permanent life insurance contracts.


(Authorized by K.S.A. 40-103, 40-1707(g); implementing K.S.A. 1984 Supp. 40-1707; effective Jan. 1, 1966; amended Jan. 1, 1968; amended May 1, 1975; amended May 1, 1979; amended May 1, 1985; amended May 1, 1986.)