2011 Consumer Alerts

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2011 Consumer Alerts

November 22

Consumer Alert - Check with trusted advisers before exchanging annuities

Kansans considering year-end tax decisions regarding annuities should always check with a trusted financial adviser before making any transfer of ownership, according to Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance.  

November 8

Consumer Alert - Earthquake insurance not part of regular homeowners policies

Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance, reminds Kansans that earthquake insurance is not part of a regular homeowners, renters or condominium insurance policy.  

October 11

Consumer Alert - Watch out for Medicare Part D, Advantage fraud during the open-enrollment period

During the upcoming open-enrollment period for Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage plans, Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance, is urging Kansas Medicare beneficiaries to be alert to any potential scams surrounding sign-up activity. 

October 11

Consumer Alert - Deer season means increased defensive driving

There’s an increased need for constant defensive driving on Kansas roads and highways during this fall’s deer mating season, according to Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance.

August 30

Consumer Alert - Earthquake insurance coverage an option to homeowners policies

Earthquakes to the left of us. Earthquakes to the right. Is it time for Kansans to consider adding earthquake coverage to their insurance policies?

August 4

Consumer Alert - Check insurance policies before students head to college

Remembering to pack everything a college student will need while away from home is a challenge. So is understanding a student’s changing insurance needs, according to Sandy Praeger, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance.

June 29

Consumer Alert - Kansans affected by flooding should notify insurance companies

Because of a federal emergency declaration for four northeast Kansas counties, Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance, is urging Kansans who might be or have been displaced by flooding along the Missouri River to communicate with their insurance companies regarding their circumstances.

June 16

Consumer Alert - Flood insurance coverage is a federally-regulated program

Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance, reminds Kansans affected by flooding that flood insurance is a federal program. Commissioner Praeger is advising Kansas consumers to direct their NFIP questions to the FEMA Region VII office in Kansas City, Mo. 

June 8

Consumer Alert - Hear wedding bells? It's time to consider important insurance issues

With wedding bells pealing throughout June, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger urges couples who are tying the knot to review their insurance coverage.

May 19

Consumer Alert - Spring weather reprieve masks need for storm damage precaution

During the first part of May, Kansans were spared the wrath of damaging spring storms. That's why Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance, is urging Kansans not to let the recent May weather lull them to sleep regarding their preparations for further spring storms.

April 20

Consumer Alert - Be sure to consider insurance before moving

Whether you are upsizing, downsizing, moving across Kansas or across the country, Sandy Praeger, Commissioner of Insurance, urges Kansans to review homeowners and renters insurance policies before the first box is packed.

April 7

Consumer Alert - Know your 'stuff':
Booklet, new phone application make home inventory easier

The Kansas Insurance Department has hard copy and online versions of its 'Personal Home Inventory' booklet available, and some consumers can also create an electronic home inventory thanks to a new iPhone® application from the NAIC.

March 14

Consumer Alert - Be prepared for spring storms

During 2010, Kansans suffered $370 million in estimated property damage because of severe weather. Although storm damage typically occurs during the spring months, last year almost half of the losses occurred during August and September, according to Kansas Insurance Department (KID) estimates.

February 11

Consumer Alert - Kansans should check storm damage protections

As many Kansans dig out from the onslaught of 2011 winter storms, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger urges them to check their homeowners' and vehicle insurance policies to be sure they are protected against property damage caused by the harsh winter weather and unpredictable spring weather.

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