2008 Consumer Alerts

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2008 Consumer Alerts

December 2008

Having family talks about insurance matters during holiday get-togethers is great, but follow-up conversations with insurance companies regarding someone in your family will probably require a release form, according to Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger.

August 2008

Impostors posing as employees of a Kansas insurance agency are seeking Social Security numbers from policyholders in the latest scam reported to the Kansas Insurance Department’s Anti-Fraud Division.

A southern Kansas insurance agency recently reported that consumers had received calls in the middle of the night, with the scam artist using the agency name, to tell them their accounts needed to be renewed and asking for their Social Security numbers.

July 2008

Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger is urging the state’s residents to confirm the validity of any offers for prescription drug discounts or pooled medical share programs. 

The department’s anti-fraud division has received recent queries regarding potential fraudulent activity in both of those areas, Commissioner Praeger said.

May 2008

Older Kansans should be wary of a phone solicitation promising settlement money supposedly offered by a large insurance company, Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger said today.

Commissioner Praeger's department has identified at least one Wichita-area woman who sent money to persons in Canada and Texas for release of so-called settlement funds from a lottery scam.  Through phone calls from a purported insurance agent of a large national company, the woman was told 11 times to send money.  The woman was not a policyholder of the company but had been a victim of the lottery scam several years ago. Nine of the 11 wire transfers were to the same address in Canada.

May 2008

Recent spring storms serve as a reminder to Kansans about the potential for flooding in the state, according to Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger. 

"Although the Kansas Insurance Department is happy to answer questions about flood insurance through our Consumer Assistance Hotline, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) continues to be a federal program administered through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)," Commissioner Praeger said.

March 2008

Floods threaten homes from coast to coast - and they can happen anytime, anywhere and without warning, said Sandy Praeger, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance. “The damage from a flood is not covered under a standard homeowners policy,” Commissioner Praeger said.  “We at the Kansas Insurance Department and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) suggest all homeowners and renters review their flood insurance needs.”

February 2008

What would you do if someone calls saying that he will deposit $300 into your bank account to go toward health insurance premiums, or that you can get a one-time, lifelong Medicare Insurance premium for $295, eliminating your monthly Medicare payments? All the caller needs is a bank account number. In both cases, if warning bells went off in your head, then you would probably avoid the insurance and financial fraud that could ensue if you continued on the line.

February 2008

Sandy Praeger, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance, and Kathy Greenlee, Secretary of the Kansas Department on Aging, are urging older Kansas consumers to think carefully about purchasing life insurance that could be sold as investments to strangers.

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