2006 Consumer Alerts

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2006 Consumer Alerts

October 6

As the fall semester approaches, college students and their parents should think carefully about the students’ ongoing health insurance needs. A serious illness or injury could lead to catastrophic consequences for a college student without health insurance.

October 6

Annuity sales to senior citizens have significantly increased in recent years. However, as annuity sales have risen, so has a sense of confusion among consumers. This is due, in part, to questionable or deceptive sales practices employed by companies and agents looking to take advantage of uninformed consumers. It is extremely important, when considering whether or not to buy an annuity, to take the necessary precautions in order to make an informed decision that is best for you.

September 29

One of the frightening realities of driving on Kansas roads and highways this time of year is the possibility of an unexpected encounter with a deer. The incidence of deer-vehicle accidents typically rise in the fall and spring and occur mainly around sunset and sunrise.

September 19

In this particular scam, the caller claims to be from "Medicare" and then advises an unsuspecting senior they have overpaid Medicare the previous year and are entitled to a refund. The caller says they need to verify personal information and then request bank and checking account information so that an automatic refund deposit can be made directly back into their account.

September 15

Northeast Kansas and the KC Metro Area has reported individuals receiving calls and being told Medicare cards are being replaced with a new "Medicare Lifetime Card". The individual calling already has some personal information such as social security number, date of birth, etc., and then proceeds to ask for bank account information.


College students renting an off-campus apartment or house while away at school should consider purchasing renters insurance to protect their personal property, such as a computer, television, stereo, bicycle or furniture, in the event that it is damaged, destroyed or stolen.

July 27

Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger wants Kansas seniors to know that the “$299 Ring” scam that she reported on in March recently has escalated into a higher priced scam involving, in some cases, a new Medicare card instead of a prescription drug plan.

June 7

Four steps you can take to be prepared for summer storms.

April 24

Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger wants Kansans to be aware that the standard homeowners’ insurance policy does not cover flood damage.

March 9

Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger wants Kansans to know that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is warning seniors and people with disabilities to be aware of a scheme that asks Medicare beneficiaries for money and checking account information to help them enroll in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

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