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How to Report Insurance Fraud

Insurance Companies

If you are an insurance company please contact the Anti-Fraud Division to provide you with the appropriate information to submit a complaint. Call 785-296-3918 or send an e-mail to

Public Citizens

The Anti-Fraud Division does not require any specific forms to be filled out to report insurance fraud. An individual can file online at National Association of Insurance Commissioners Online Fraud Reporting System or put in writing a detailed account of the complaint listing all persons who are involved in the case, any addresses or phone numbers you have and any supporting documents you have in your possession that you feel would help in our investigation. You may submit a complaint by e-mail to; however, please send all documentation by regular mail. An investigation will not commence until documentation (if any) of your complaint is received. Once the Anti-Fraud Division receives all information from you, one of three things will happen:

  1. The case will be assigned an investigator and our investigation will commence.
  2. The case will be determined to be outside our jurisdiction for investigation and will be referred to the appropriate investigating body.
  3. The case is too old (over 5 years) to seek any criminal charges.

Whichever takes place you will be notified by mail of the action taken on your case. If the case becomes an investigation you will receive periodic updates of the case progress. Remember, you may contact the investigator assigned to your case at anytime to provide further information or to discuss any questions you have about the investigation.