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2018 News Releases

Dec 3

Financial literacy program for inmates

The Kansas Insurance Department and Office of Securities is sponsoring a financial literacy program for federal inmates.
Nov 28

Life insurance locator helps beneficiaries

The Life Insurance Policy Locator helped Kansas consumers find over $3.5 million in the past 24 months.
Oct 8

Workers Comp rate decrease

Workers compensation insurance rate decreases for fifth straight year.
Sep 11

Kansas Financial Services Summit is soon

Annual Kansas Financial Services Summit will be September 26 in Topeka.
Aug 17

Insurance certificate enrollment growing

Enrollment in Kansas Insurance Certificate courses at Kansas universities has grown for the 2018 fall semester.
Jul 19

Insurance Department files injunction

The Kansas Insurance Department filed an injunction to stop the state from sweeping fund money.
Jul 16

KSC accepting grant applications

The Kansas Securities Commission is now accepting education grant applications from organizations.
Jul 10

Firefighters Relief Fund distribution

The Kansas Insurance Department is currently making the annual funds distribution to state and local firefighter relief organizations.
Jul 9

Viatical company issued cease/desist order

The Kansas Insurance Department has issued a cease and desist order against a New Jersey company selling viatical insurance settlements in Kansas for failure to file timely statements and renewal fees.
Jun 27

Insurance Department offers assistance

The Kansas Insurance Department is here to assist those with insurance questions after the severe weather in Greenwood and other Kansas counties.
Jun 7

Temporary Restraining Order Issued

Sedgwick County District Court Enters Temporary Restraining Order against Jesse W. Harris and Harris Custom Projects, LLC and Places Their Assets in Receivership.
May 17

Commissioner responds to budget decision

The Commissioner responds to Governor's budget decision to sweep millions from KID.
May 3

Work Comp case load decreased

The Kansas Insurance Department has closed a backlog of workers compensation cases.
May 1

Scholarship winners announced

The 2018 Kansas Financial Scholars Essay Contest were announced Monday, May 1.
Feb 6

KSC issues cease and desist order

The Office of the Kansas Securities Commissioner has issued a cease and desist order against Jesse D. Harris and Harris Custom Projects, LLC.
Jan 19

Free life insurance policy locator service

Commissioner urges Kansans trying to find lost insurance policies to use the free Life Insurance Policy Locator Service offered by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
Jan 11

Wildfire risk reduction tips

KID staff give tips to reduce the risk of property loss in the event of wildfire activity during 2018.
Jan 8

Fourth Annual Scholarship Essay Contest

State commissioners announced the opening of the 2018 Kansas Financial Scholars Essay Scholarship Contest today.

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