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2019 News Releases

Oct 23

New carriers for 2020

Marketplace in Kansas to see additional carriers.
Aug 27

Insurance Department takes over PSIC

Physicians Standard Insurance Company placed in rehabilitation.
Aug 19

Statement on General Electric Allegations

The Kansas Insurance Department releases statement on allegations against General Electric.
May 23

Director of Financial Surveillance announced

Commissioner Vicki Schmidt announces she has named Bruce Burditt, CPA as Director of Financial Surveillance.
May 21

Funds returned to Insurance Department

Commissioner Vicki Schmidt successfully settled a lawsuit that returns funds back to the Kansas Insurance Department.
Feb 5

New General Counsel announced

Vicki Schmidt announces she has named Justin McFarland as General Counsel to the Insurance Department.
Jan 28

New Acting Securities Commissioner

Jeff Wagaman has been announced as Acting Securities Commissioner by Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt.
Jan 24

New Anti-Fraud Director announced

Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt announces new Director of Anti-Fraud.
Jan 10

First insurance certificate recipients recognized

Two college graduates are the first recipients of the Kansas Insurance Certificate.

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