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Consumer Alerts

For Additional Information, contact Bob Hanson - Public Information Officer: 785-296-7807 or contact him by email at kid.commissioner@ks.gov.

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2018 Consumer Alerts

Dec 12

Holidays may be good time to discuss insurance

Discussing insurance may be useful during the holidays, as family members gather.
Dec 4

Deadline approaches for health insurance enrollment

The deadline to sign up for individual health insurance plans for 2019 is December 15.
Nov 7

November is National Diabetes Month

Ken Selzer, CPA, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance, urges Kansans to increase their awareness of diabetes.
Nov 1

Health insurance enrollment has changes

Ken Selzer, CPA, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance, reminds those seeking health insurance plans that there are important changes for 2019.
Oct 17

Watch for deer on Kansas roads

Be careful on Kansas roads as now is the time for possible encounters with deer.
Oct 15

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Ken Selzer, CPA, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance, reminds Kansans to strengthen their technology security skills.
Oct 10

2019 Open enrollment overview

The Kansas Insurance Department has released more 2019 health insurance open enrollment information.
Oct 5

Fire protection ratings improve

As fire protection ratings improve, so do insurance premiums.
Oct 4

Commissioner urges increased breast cancer detection knowledge

Commissioner urges increased breast cancer detection knowledge.
Sep 26

KS marketplace 2019 company information

Kansas consumers will have their choice of up to three health insurance companies, depending on where they live, when open enrollment begins Nov. 1.
Sep 10

September is life insurance awareness month

Ken Selzer, CPA, Kansas Commissioner of Insurance, urges Kansans to consider some important points about life insurance coverage.
Sep 4

Flood insurance questions? Here's who to call

The Kansas Insurance Department urges Kansans to know how to handle flood insurance questions.
Aug 30

KID suspends license for insurance agent

The Kansas Insurance Department has issued an emergency license suspension for a Smith Center agent.
Aug 2

3D mammograms will soon be standard

KID will require KS health insurance carriers to cover 3D mammograms in 2019.
Aug 1

KS marketplace rate filings expected today

The rate filings for the federal health insurance marketplace are expected to be released today.
Jul 30

College students and insurance

Insurance coverage should be part of moving checklists for college students.
Jun 15

Watch for signs of elder financial abuse

Securities Commissioner urges Kansans to watch for elder financial abuse.
Jun 6

Licensed drivers on vehicle policies

Households cautioned to include all licensed drivers on vehicle policies.
Apr 30

New Medicare cards

New Medicare cards are coming to Kansans after June.
Apr 16

Post-storm, be careful what you sign

Know your rights and responsiblities.
Apr 9

Planning for retirement

Educate yourself for better retirement planning.
Mar 5

Considerations offered for wildfire risk

During increased wildfire risk, consider these tips for safety and to reduce damage.
Feb 27

Check policies regarding earthquake insurance

Kansans are encouraged to check their insurance policies for earthquake coverage limits.
Feb 26

Flood safety awareness includes insurance

Knowing basic flood insurance needs is important.
Jan 25

Approach cryptocurrency with caution

Kansas investors should be cautious about investments involving cryptocurrencies.

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