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KID Compliments: Thanks to the Commissioner, KID staff

Below is a sampling of letters that the Kansas Insurance Commissioner and staff have received for their work in protecting and safeguarding Kansas insurance consumers. The Commissioner and the Kansas Insurance Department staff consider it an honor to serve you.

"Randy Adair [Anti-Fraud Division]:
"On behalf of NAIFA-Heartland, I want to say Thank You again for your presentation to our association yesterday. Everyone enjoyed the stories. Our best wishes to you for a long and satisfying term as head of the Fraud Unit."
- Shari Walls, Exec., NAIFA-Heartland

"Dear Director & Chief Investigator [Anti-Fraud Division]:
"On behalf of the Training Academy Staff, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your presentation to the Kansas Highway Patrol Recruit Class #52.
"The information on Accident Fraud was well presented and will be very beneficial to the recruits in their duties. Without your assistance, this training program could not be the success that it is."
- Dennis R. Gassman, Director, Kansas Highway Patrol Training Academy

"I wanted to write to you saying that your Director of Government and Public Affairs Division, Cindy Hermes, spoke to our Southeast Kansas NAIFA group … on the new health care plan and answered many questions.
"We have always had good representation from your department. Thanks for sharing your staff with us as it has been a good experience."
- Joe Hart, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Pittsburg

"Mr. Michael Grover [Consumer Assistance Division]:
"We want to thank you for helping us to get a satisfactory agreement with our insurance company. We also believe that you helped in finally getting some action which we desperately needed."
- Hein T. Ly, South Hutchison

"On behalf of my 85 year-old mother, we want to thank you for interceding with [our insurance company] for us. I spent months making phone calls and got the run-around or denials of payment. Once your office got involved, payment came and resolution was at hand."
- Lea Ellen Whitman, Springfield, MO

"Dear Director, Anti-Fraud Division,
"As the chair of the ICAE Fall Exchange, I wanted to personally thank you for agreeing to present to our organization. Your presentation was extremely informative, and the attendees found your presentation interesting and relevant."
- Joan Olson, Swiss Re, Dallas

"I've often wondered what the Kansas Insurance Commissioner did, and now I have first-hand knowledge of the exceptional service you and your staff provide Kansans in need."
- Richard Calkins, Lenexa

"Dear Ms [Elizabeth] Hickert Fike:
"This is a very special 'thank you' to you & anyone else who was involved in the decision that was made on my behalf with reinstating my health care coverage …. [It] has lifted a great burden off my shoulders."
- Georgia Plum, Scott City

"It was reassuring to be able to call on a state agency to assist me in [my] case. At a time like this when we are disillusioned with our Congress, it's good to know we can receive help from our own state offices."
- Sylvia L. Walker, Junction City

"Scott Smith [Consumer Assistance Division],
"The outstanding medical expenses which were the basis [of] our complaint have now been paid.
"Thank you for your assistance in this matter."
-John J. Bryan, Topeka

"Nicole [Boyd, Consumer Protection Division] was recently assigned as a consumer representative on my inquiry…. Nicole was extremely professional yet compassionate to my situation. It is unusual, especially in a governmental office, to receive such consideration."
- Jim Sharp, Medicine Lodge

"Thank you very much for helping me with [my insurance company].
"Consumers shouldn't be in a position to need you, but I'm glad you were there."
- Mary Pickerill, Horton

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your persistence in helping me get this bill paid [by my insurance company]. I am sure they would not have paid it had you not intervened."
- Carolyn Wasylk, Wichita

"Thank you for helping us to resolve the issue with [the insurance company]. We have been paid for our claims after numerous phone calls, begging, pleading and the raising of our voices.
"My staff and I appreciate your efforts."
- Michael Kahn, DDS, Leawood

"I want to thank you and your Department for providing this service to us. We really appreciate your concern about fair treatment for the public."
-Walter Westphall, Wichita

"The issue with [my insurance company] has been settled to my satisfaction. Thank you for your kind service and rapid response."
- Raymond Beard, Topeka

"Thank you for the time and effort you have put into looking into our insurance issues. My family is very grateful and appreciative no matter what the outcome is. … When the world seems to be caving around you it is nice to have someone who understands your frustration."
- Katy O. Donovan, Iola

"Kansas has the best online facility for submitting annual filings. Easy to use and user friendly.
"KID Company Desktop rocks!!"
- Kathy Horner, NCMIC Group, Clive, IA

"I have had many opportunities to speak with your staff in the months that I have been with Northwestern and they have always been extremely helpful. …
"… My most recent contact was with Karen Evans [Producers Division], when I sent her the Visa for one of our college interns who is a citizen of Columbia. … Ms. Evans contacted me right away when she saw that there was a problem [with the intern's application] and it was resolved immediately.
"Please let [the KID staff] know how much I appreciate their efficiency and willingness to help. These qualities are sometimes rare in our society these days and they should be commended."
- Lisa A. Randall, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, Overland Park

"Thanks again for all your help. Your [department] has been the best of any state/federal government departments I have ever worked with."
- Allison Gardner, Leawood

"Thank you for your support and influence in resolving the matter with [our insurance company] and USD 368. This is one less issue the family will have to address during this trying time."
- Dr. Rod Allen, Superintendent of Schools, USD 368, Paola

"I wish to thank you so very much for what you did. [My insurance company] even sent me more than … I was asking for. So THANKS, THANKS and THANKS."
- John E. Boyle, Lindsborg

"For the past couple of weeks I have been updating my name change throughout the 40+ states. I would like to thank you, as Kansas was the most efficient state at making the forms very easy to find, access and the turn around time of a new license was immediate. … [I] just wanted to say 'THANK YOU' for making this as painless as possible, you wouldn't believe the hassle other states put you through…."
- Debra Anderson Bjorland, Des Moines, IA