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Kansas Insurance Commissioner
Vicki Schmidt

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  • Consumer Hotline: 800-432-2484 (KS only)
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Our Mission

We believe our primary responsibility is to the people whose personal lives or business endeavors are protected by an insurance product in the state of Kansas. We recognize that we are here to serve them and consider this responsibility to be an honor.

The Kansas Insurance Department was established by the Kansas Legislature in 1871. It has four major functions:

  1. Regulate and Review Companies
  2. The Kansas Insurance Department, under the direction of the Insurance Commissioner, regulates and reviews the companies that sell policies in the state to make sure they are solvent and comply with insurance laws and regulations.

  3. Educate Consumers
  4. To educate consumers about insurance, the Kansas Insurance Department publishes brochures and rate guides on all kinds of insurance coverage; provides speakers on numerous insurance topics; and prepares vital public service information to mass media.

  5. Assist Consumers
  6. The Kansas Insurance Department helps consumers when they have disputes with insurance companies. Such assistance has resulted in millions of dollars in refunds and claims payments for consumers.

  7. License Producers
  8. More than 22,000 resident producers and more than 102,000 nonresident producers are licensed in Kansas to sell insurance products. The Kansas Insurance Department also requires producers to meet ongoing continuing education requirements.