BULLETIN NO. 2001-2 TO: All Fire and Casualty Companies and Rating Organizations Licensed in Kansas FROM:   Kathleen Sebelius Commissioner of Insurance SUBJECT: Speed to Market Filing Checklists and Transmittal Headers DATE:   July 5, 2001 In order to respond to the “Speed to Market” initiatives of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the Kansas Insurance Department has completed commercial and personal lines filing requirements checklists and posted them on our website.  The purpose of the checklists is to inform insurers and rating organizations, by line of insurance/coverage, of the Kansas statutes, regulations, bulletins, department positions, or any other directive with which one must comply to receive approval of a new or revised rate or form filing. Also on our website are transmittal headers used by insurers and rating organizations when submitting a filing.  These documents provide our office with information regarding a filing and how it complies with our filing requirements. Additionally and in further support of the Speed to Market initiatives, we will make it our department standard to review and approve a filing within 30 days after receipt of the filing.  This will be feasible only if the filing is submitted with a properly completed transmittal header and filing checklist requirements are satisfied.  Our review of the filing would occur within 15 days after receipt of a filing and we would expect companies to reply immediately to any of our correspondence. Insurer compliance with all of the checklists filing requirements will greatly improve the timeliness and quality of product filing and review procedures.  The checklists and headers can be found on our website which is www.ksinsurance.org.  The Checklists and Filing Headers can then be located by:  (1.) Click on the “Industry” button at the top of the main website page, (2.) click on the “Insurance Lines” link, (3.) click on the “Property and Casualty” link, (4.) click on the “Rate and Form Filing Instructions / Checklists” link and on this page all of our checklists and filing headers will appear.  Questions on the checklists can be directed to Bill Wempe at 785-296- 7845 or Email bwempe@ksinsurance.org.