Kathleen Sebelius
Commissioner of Insurance
Kansas Insurance Department
Fire and Casualty Division

Bulletin No. 2000-2


TO:               All Companies writing Fire & Casualty Insurance

FROM:          Kathleen Sebelius, Commissioner of Insurance

SUBJECT:     Expansion of Territorial Rating

DATE:          April 14, 2000

We have decided to expand the application of . territorial rating. currently used for homeowners insurance in Kansas to also include the following lines of coverage:

  • City Fire

  • Farmowners

  • Farm Fire

  • Mobilehome

The use of territorial rating for these lines will be effective immediately.

As you are aware, Kansas has been a territorial rating state for homeowners insurance since 1996.  In submitting your rating plans for the new lines of coverage, we ask that you follow the same guidelines that were outlined in two bulletins issued at that time (Bulletin 1996-1).  Your rating plan will need to be filed with the department.  Please contact our Fire and Casualty Division in advance of preparing your filing to discuss any questions you have, so that we can promptly respond to the plan you file with us.

Any questions on this matter can be directed to either Mel Scott (785-296-7838) or Steve Crandall (785-296-7837) with my office.