BULLETIN 1998-13


To: All Property and Casualty Insurance Companies Licensed in Kansas

From: Kathleen Sebelius,Commissioner of Insurance

Kansas Insurance Department

Subject: Filing Requirements for "Blank" or "Change" Endorsements

Date: October 19, 1998

This department in the past has required property and casualty insurers to place on our copy of "Blank" or "Change" endorsements the following wording: "This endorsement will not be used to impede, restrict, amend or otherwise revise any provision, exclusion, condition or other matter related to the policy to which it is attached, and neither will this endorsement be utilized as a renewal certificate." This wording, although not required by state law, was considered necessary at the time as a procedure in the best interest of the insured. Subsequent law changes now afford an insured adequate "protection." These "Blank" or "Change" endorsements are also commonly referred to as Manuscript Endorsements.

Effective immediately, the department is no longer requiring that the insurer place the wording on the endorsement. However, insurers are reminded that they must continue to comply with the filing requirements of K.A.R. 40-1-32 and K.A.R. 40-1-39. Additionally, the "Blank", "Change" or "Manuscript" endorsement when used on an individual risk basis to broaden or restrict coverage must continue to be submitted for approval pursuant to K.S.A. 40-216 or K.A.R. 40-3-32(d) unless exempted by K.A.R. 40-3-32(b) and (c).

If you have any questions regarding this bulletin, please contact the Fire and Casualty Division at

420 SW 9th Street, Topeka, Kansas 66612, or phone (785) 296-7844 or e-mail: rstuke@ins.wpo.state.ks.us