BULLETIN 1997-6 Agent Licensing Fees

TO: All Insurance Companies Authorized to Transact Business in Kansas

FROM: Kathleen Sebelius, Commissioner of Insurance

SUBJECT: Recent Agent Licensing Legislation

DATE: June 12, 1997

While a number of insurance bills were passed by the last session of the Kansas Legislature, one bill (Senate Substitute for House Bill No. 2082) will have a significant effect on agent license and appointment fees effective July 1, 1997. As part of that bill, K.S.A. 40-246 was amended to repeal retaliatory language regarding agent fees, obligations, or prohibitions while at the same time increased the nonresident annual agent fee from $10 to $25.

The first result of the above change is that all nonresident agents will be charged $25 annually to maintain their existing license, and new nonresident applicants will be charged $25 for the initial license in addition to the $30 application fee and $25 annually thereafter.

Another significant result will be that due to repeal of retaliatory language, Kansas will no longer charge retaliatory certification fees. Effective July 1, 1997, we will charge each domestic company $2 for each agent certified whether the agent is a resident or a nonresident agent. Foreign companies will be charged $5 for each agent certified, whether resident or nonresident.

Finally, all retaliatory restrictions regarding the licensing of agents or agencies in Kansas will no longer apply as of July 1, 1997. Questions regarding these changes should be addressed to the Agents and Brokers Division, (785) 296-7858.

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