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Auto Insurance
2014 Auto Insurance and Shopper's Guide
Auto Insurance/Registration holder (see photo)
Individuals: please order only enough for your household
Educators: please order only enough to distribute to your students
Agents: please contact Lacey Kennett at

Home/Renters Insurance
2014 Homeowners and Renters Insurance and Shopper's Guide
Personal Home Inventory
Title Insurance for Real Estate

Health/Life Insurance
Health Insurance in Kansas
Life Insurance and Annuity Basics

Long-term Care/Medicare Supplement Insurance
2015 Kansas Medicare Supplement Insurance Shoppers Guide
2014 Kansas Long-Term Care Insurance Shoppers Guide
Kansas Partnership for Long-Term Care brochure

Other Publications
ABCs of Insurance
2013 Complaint Ratio Report
Kansas Insurance Department's Mediation Review
Small Business Insurance Packet
New Retiree Packet (limit 25)
2013 Kansas Insurance Department Annual Report

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