Health Insurance

Get the facts about the Marketplace and health insurance changes.

Health Savings Accounts

High-deductible, tax-sheltered savings accounts with money earmarked for medical expenses.

Consumer Notice for Medicare Eligibility (pdf)

Required notice by K.A.R. 40-4-29a to be sent to consumers by insurers explaining health insurance options for those becoming eligible for Medicare.

Discount Health Plans (pdf)

Information about the difference between discount health cards and actual health insurance.

Individual Major Medical Coverage (pdf)

A list of companies which may offer non-group major medical coverage.

Dental Insurance (pdf)

A list of companies which may offer dental coverage.

Individual Vision (pdf)

A list of companies which may offer stand-alone individual vision policies.

Small Business

Small business insurance information including health coverage for the small employer, small group health carriers, and tax credits for health insurance.

Prompt Pay Act

The Kansas Health Care Prompt Payment Act establishes a framework for prompt payment of health insurance claims.

Health Rate Increases of 10% or More

Use SERFF to search and review ACA-related filings.


Publications by the Kansas Insurance Department on health insurance and other topics.