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2016 Kansas Estimated Storm Losses

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2016 Kansas Estimated Storm Losses
Month No. Storm Claims Est. Storm Losses
May 22,514 $44,437,213
June 9,380 $20,809,558
July 10,430 $21,204,544
August 9,384 $20,809,558
Total 51,708 $107,260,873

Estimated storm loss data consist of windstorm, tornado, and hail damage or other weather-related claim losses for insured real and personal property in Kansas reported for each calendar year and monthly during the calendar year. Estimated flood losses and other insured perils are not included in the data. The data include only estimated storm losses reported at the request of the Insurance Commissioner by the private insurance companies selling and servicing property insurance coverage in Kansas.

There is no Kansas state law requiring the collection of the storm loss data. This reporting of estimated insured storm losses is a service provided by the Insurance Commissioner to the insuring public and news media.

Estimated storm loss data are collected from insurance companies by the Commissioner, usually on a monthly basis and through special calls to report particularly significant tornado damage in cities, counties, or other affected areas. Data are reported to the public through news releases and on this website.