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                  Office of the
     Kansas Securities Commissioner
A division of the Insurance Department

Download Agent/Agency Lists

Pay on-line by credit card or e-check and download an agent/agency list directly from the Kansas Insurance Department website. Lists are provided as Excel (.xls) spreadsheet files.
The information is current as of the end of the prior business day.
  * These lists are mailing addresses only; they do not include phone numbers.

  • Company-specific Appointments - list of agents/agencies associated with a specific company ($50 per company)
    NOTE: Company-specific lists are not available for direct download; they are created on a per-request basis

Previously-Purchased Lists:

If you need to re-download an agent/agency list that you purchased within the past seven (7) days (excluding Company-specific lists), enter the information below that was used to make the original request. All three fields are required.

An updated version of the list will be provided for you to download at no cost.

  • Record Request Number:
  • E-mail Address:
  • Zip Code: