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Course Application and Approval Guidelines

General Requirements

Only courses that impart substantive and procedural knowledge relating to insurance and are beneficial to the insuring public subsequent to initial licensing shall be approved for credit. Approved courses shall be classified as life/health, property/casualty, general, crop only, title only, agency management, or ethics courses. Credit earned from general courses is acceptable in meeting the requirements for the life/health or property/casualty classification. Courses of the following types do not meet the basic criteria for approvable courses described above:

  • Courses designed to prepare students for a license examination.
  • Courses in mechanical office or business skills, including typing, speed reading, or use of calculators or other machines or equipment.
  • Courses in sales promotion, including meetings held in conjunction with the general business of the licensee, time management, and motivational subjects.
  • Courses which are primarily intended to impart knowledge of specific products of specific companies if the courses relate to the sales promotion or marketing of one or more of the products discussed.

The number of approved hours will not include time spent on introductions, breaks, or other activities not directly related to approved educational information or material.

Course examinations will not be required for approval of continuing education courses except self-study/internet courses.

Course Submission

Providers shall submit proposed courses to the commissioner for pre-approval at least 30 days prior to the date on which the course is to be held.  Electronic submission of courses is mandatory.   To submit courses log in to SBS Log-In and click on “Submit Course Application.”  Attach backup documentation to the electronic course application by clicking on “Upload Attachment.” After courses have been approved, providers shall notify the commissioner at least 30 days prior to any subsequent course dates for only those courses held within the state of Kansas.  Notification is not required for courses held outside of Kansas.

Courses cannot be advertised in any manner as approved unless the commissioner has granted approval, in writing.


All fees required for individual course approval shall be collected with the course submission. If the provider has chosen to pay the $250 annual fee for unlimited courses, no course fee will be required with the electronic submission, unless it is the first time the provider is filing courses.  If the provider has chosen to pay the $50 per course fee, the fee will be collected by credit card at the time of course submission.

The fees are $50 per course per year or a $250 annual fee. The provider is eligible for the $250 annual fee only if that payment method has been chosen on the provider page.  It must be paid up front with the first course submission.  The $100 annual provider fee is due with the first course submission each year.  Credit card fees will be generated according to the payment method that has been selected by the provider.


Each course of study shall be conducted in a classroom or other facility that is adequate to comfortably accommodate the faculty and the number of students enrolled. The provider may limit the number of students enrolled in a course.

Self-Study/Internet Courses

The amount of credit received by a producer for a self-study/internet course shall be based upon successful completion of the course and an independently monitored examination subject to the number of hours assigned by the commissioner.

Examination monitors shall not be affiliated in any way with the sponsoring organization or the licensee and shall be subject to approval by the commissioner. Any examination utilized or to be utilized shall be included in the material submitted for course approval. No examination will be approved unless the commissioner is satisfied that security procedures protecting the integrity of the examination can be maintained. If security is compromised, no credit will be granted.

Any sponsor of self-study/internet courses shall clearly disclose to any producer wishing to receive credit in Kansas the number of hours for which that particular course has been approved by the commissioner.

Course Requirements

Each course of study shall have a coordinator who is responsible for supervising the course and assuring compliance with the statutes and regulations governing the offering of insurance continuing education courses.

Providing organizations shall maintain accurate records relating to course offerings, instructors, and student attendance. If the coordinator leaves the employ of the sponsor or otherwise ceases to monitor continuing education offerings, the records shall be transferred to the replacement coordinator or an officer of the provider. If a provider ceases operations, the coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining the records or providing a custodian of the records acceptable to the commissioner. In order to be acceptable, custodians shall agree to make copies of student records available to students free of charge or at a reasonable fee. Under no circumstances will the commissioner act as custodian of the records.

Course Instructors

Instructors shall possess one of the following qualifications:

  • Three years of recent experience in the subject area being taught; or
  • a college degree related to the subject area being taught; or
  • two years of recent experience in the subject area being taught and 60 classroom hours of acceptable course work in the subject area being taught; or
  • an appropriate professional designation in the area being taught.

Instructors shall comply with all laws and rules pertaining to insurance continuing education, provide students with current and accurate information, maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning in a classroom, and provide assistance to the students and respond to questions relating to course material.

Notification To Commissioner

Providers, coordinators, and instructors shall notify the commissioner within 10 days after the occurrence of a felony or misdemeanor conviction or disciplinary action taken against an insurance or other occupational license held by the coordinator or instructor and any change of information contained in an application for course approval.

Housekeeping Details

Prior to any class, course administrators and instructors should advise participants that:

  • Attendance for the entire class is necessary to obtain credit. There is no partial credit.
  • Attendees should not engage in other activities during the class; e.g., there should be no reading newspapers, doing other work, opening mail, etc. (If the course administrator or instructor cannot enforce this, the provider should not have these individuals in charge, or the provider should not file for continuing education credit.)
  • The Course Certificate, KCE-4 (pdf), is for the purpose of providing evidence of program completion to the Kansas resident insurance producer and must be provided to the producer within 30 days of the course date.  If the provider does not submit course completion information electronically to SBS, the producer must submit the KCE-4 to the Kansas Insurance Department by the biennial due date.  A provider may require payment of the course tuition as a condition for receiving the course completion certificate.
  • There should be no abuse of break time. (If it is 10 minutes, do not make it 15 minutes.)