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2001 Bulletins
Nov. 27 Company Identification, Bulletin 2001-6
RE: Company requirement to properly identify itself in complaint inquiry
SUMMARY: Companies responding to complaints from the department are reminded to clearly identify the name and NAIC number of the company against which the complaint is filed.
Oct. 19 Response to the terrorist attacks, Bulletin 2001-4
RE: Executive Order Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Persons Who Permit, Threaten . . .
SUMMARY: This bulletin advises all insurers to become familiar with their obligations under President Bush?s executive order of September 24, 2001.
Oct. 18 Trust Agreements, Bulletin 2001-5
RE: Requirements of Trust Agreements and Letters of Credit referred to in K.S.A. 40-221a
SUMMARY: Additional requirements which should be followed when domestic insurers take reserve credit on risks ceded to unauthorized insurers in Kansas through trust agreements or letters of credit.
Jul. 11 Gramm-Leach Bliley Disclosure, Bulletin 2001-03
RE: Voluntary Filing Procedures for Insurance Applications
SUMMARY: The purpose of this bulletin is to provide regulated entities with the appropriate forms and instructions to receive expedited approval for insurance application forms which are revised to comply with the new law.
Jul. 5 P&C Speed to Market Filings; Bulletin 2001-2
RE: Commercial and personal lines filing requirement checklists
SUMMARY: Checklists have been prepared to comply with the Nation Association of Insurance Commissioners Speed to Market initiative and are intended to expedite company filing of new or revised rate or form filings.
Jun. 1 Application for Written Consent, Bulletin 2001-01
RE: Written Consent, Under Title 18, United States Code, ?? 1033 and 1034
SUMMARY: This Bulletin advises all persons engaged in the business of insurance in the state that an Application for Written Consent is required to comply with the Violent Crime Control Act.