Get Smart About Insurance
with Insure U
Insure U

It’s time to get smart about insurance, and that means going back to school online. Developed by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), of which the Kansas Insurance Department is a member, Insure U has two objectives: to help consumers get smart about insurance as their life stage needs change, and to educate them about ways to avoid being scammed by fake insurance companies. The Insure U curriculum teaches users about insurance in an informal atmosphere. Research the topics that affect you, then take quizzes to test your knowledge. Choose the Web site that’s right for you.

...for Consumers

Your auto, home, health and life insurance decisions often depend on your stage in life. This information is geared toward the following:

...for Small Business

Owners and managers of small companies and home-based businesses will find information and tips about these types of insurance: