Registered Professional Employer Organizations

Company Name Company Type
Abel HR, Inc. Limited
Accord Human Resources of California II Inc. Group
Accord Human Resources, Inc. Group
Adams-Keegan Group
Adams-Keegan-GA LLC Group
Administaff Companies, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource Co. XXI, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource Co. XXII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XI, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XIX, Inx. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XVI, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XVII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XVIII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource FL XXIX, Inx. Group
ADP TotalSource I, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource II, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource III, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource IV, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource MI VI, LLC Group
ADP TotalSource MI VII, LLC Group
ADP TotalSource MI XXX, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource NH XXVIII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource of Co. XXIII, Inc. Group
ADP TotalSource, Inc. Group
Alabama Staff, Inc. Limited
Alcott HR Group LLC Limited
AlphaStaff Systems V, Inc. Individual
Ambrose Employer Group, LLC Limited
Amlease Corporation Group
Anthros, Inc. Individual
Avitus, Inc. Limited
Axcet HR Solutions, Inc. Individual
C2 Essentials, Inc. Limited
Century II Staffing, Inc. Limited
CoAdvantage Resources 16, Inc. Limited
CoAdvantage Resources 25, Inc. Limited
CoAdvantage Resources 50, Inc. Limited
CoAdvantage Resources 51, Inc. Limited
CoAdvantage Resources IV, Inc. Limited
CoAdvantage Resources, Inc. Individual
Cobalt Astra, Inc. Individual
Consolidated Personnel Services, Inc. Limited
DecisionHR I, Inc. Limited
Discovery Outsourcing. LLC Individual
Elite PEO Solutions, Ltd. Limited
Emergent HR, LLC Limited
Employee Resource Administration L.P. Limited
Employer's Alliance V, LLC Group
Employer's Alliance VI, LLC Group
Employment Edge, LLC Individual
Fortune-HR, LLC Group
FPMC Services, LLC Individual
G&A Outsourcing, Inc. Limited
HC Michigan, Inc. Individual
Helm HR, LLC Individual
Human Capital Concepts, LLC Limited
Infomerge, LLC Individual
Insperity PEO Services, L.P. Group
KimstaffHR, Inc. Limited
Landrum Professional Employer Services, Inc. Limited
Lever1, LLC Individual
LKI Group, Inc. Group
Lyons, HRO Individual
Merit Resources, Inc. Group
NewQuest LLC Individual
Nextep Business Solutions III Group
Nextep Business Solutions IV, Inc. Group
Nextep Business Solutions VI, Inc. Group
Nextep Business Solutions, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing II, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing III, Inc. Group
Oasis Outsourcing VII, Inc. Group
Paychex Business Solutions, Inc. Group
Paychex PEO I, Inc. Group
Paychex PEO II, Inc. Group
Paychex PEO III, Inc. Group
Paychex PEO IV, Inc. Group
Paychex PEO V, Inc. Group
PBS of America, Inc. Group
PBS of Central Florida, Inc. Group
Peoplease, LLC Individual
Prestige Employee Administrators, Inc. Limited
Professional Employer Services, Inc. Limited
Professional Staff Management II, Inc. Limited
Progressive Employer Management XXIII & XXIII, LL Limited
Propel PEO, Inc. Limited
QTI Human Resources, Inc. Limited
Resourcing Edge I, LLC Limited
S2 HR Solutions 1D, LLC Individual
Sequent, Inc. Limited
Simploy, Inc. Limited
Staff Leasing, Inc. Limited
Staff Management, Inc. Limited
Staff One of Oklahoma, LLC Limited
Strategic Employer Services, LLC Limited
Strategic Staffing Services, Inc. Limited
Syndeo Outsourcing Group
Syndeo Outsourcing II Group
TEMCO Industrial, Inc. - DBA Employer Services Par Individual
Tilson HR, Inc. Limited
TriNet HR Corporation Group
TriNet HR V, Inc. Group
U.S.A. Staffing, LLC Limited
Waterstone HR LLC Limited
XMi Holdings, Inc. Limited