List of Approved Trusteed Reinsurers

Identification Number Approved Trusteed Reinsurers
AA-3194168 Aspen Bermuda Limited
AA-1120337 Aspen Insurance UK Limited
AA-3194139 AXIS Specialty Limited
AA-3194122 DaVinci Reinsurance Limited
AA-1340125 Hannover Ruck SE f/k/a Hannover Ruckversicherung AG
AA-3190871 Lancashire Insurance Company Limited
AA-1840000 Mapfre Re, Compania De Reaseguros S.A.
AA-1121425 Markel International Insurance Company Limited
AA-3194129 Montpelier Reinsurance Limited
AA-3190686 Partner Reinsurance Company Limited
AA-3190339 Renaissance Reinsurance Limited
AA-1120093 Torus Insurance (UK) Limited
AA-1122000 Underwriters at Lloyd’s London (including syndicates provided in the NAIC Listing of Companies)