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Legal Sub-group (Governance/Legal/Legislative) Documents
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Doc Type Description/Link to File Source Meeting Posted Date
External Link EHB Hearing Written Testimony and Comments, September 2012 9/18/2012
Resource September 5, 2012 EHB Hearing - Agenda and Speaker List 9/4/2012
Agenda March 19 agenda Mar. 19 3/16/2012
Minutes June 10 minutes Jun. 10 7/11/2011
Agenda July 13 agenda Jul. 13 7/11/2011
Agenda April 7 agenda Apr. 7 6/10/2011
Minutes April 7 minutes Apr. 7 6/10/2011
Agenda April 18 agenda Apr. 18 6/10/2011
Minutes April 18 minutes Apr. 18 6/10/2011
Agenda April 25 agenda Apr. 25 6/10/2011
Minutes April 25 minutes Apr. 25 6/10/2011
Agenda May 26 agenda May 26 6/10/2011
Minutes May 26 minutes May 26 6/10/2011
Agenda June 3 agenda Jun. 3 6/10/2011
Minutes June 3 minutes Jun. 3 6/10/2011
Agenda June 10 agenda Jun. 10 6/10/2011
Agenda March 29 agenda Mar. 29 3/29/2011
Resource Lessons from the Implementation of Massachusetts Health Reform BCBS-MA Foundation 3/17/2011
Resource PPACA Requirements for Offering Health Insurance Inside Versus Outside an Exchange CRS 4/11/2011
External Link California Becomes First State to Create Health Benefit Exchange Calif. Health Found. 3/3/2011
External Link Commonwealth Fund: Health Insurance Exchanges: Eight Difficult Issues Commonwealth Fund 3/3/2011
Resource The Massachusetts and Utah Health Insurance Exchanges: Lessons Learned Georgetown U. 4/29/2011
External Link HHS Initial Guidance to States on Exchanges HHS 3/3/2011
External Link KHI Webcast of the Supreme Court Health Reform Ruling (July 2) KHI 7/3/2012
Resource The Impact of Health Reform on Insurance Benefits and Mandates in Kansas KHI 8/3/2011
External Link Preliminary Estimates of the Impact of Federal Health Reform on State Spending in Kansas KHPA/KDHE 3/29/2011
External Link Kansas: Impact of Federal Health Reform KHPA/srHS/KDHE 3/29/2011
External Link Essential Benefits Hearing Regs, Comments and Hearing Documents KID 12/27/2012
Resource Essential Health Benefits Hearing Notice - Sep. 5 KID 8/7/2012
External Link Kansas Health Benefit Exchange (KS HBE) Work Plan & Timeline KID 3/22/2011
Resource Debunking the Mythology: The Utah and Massachusetts Health Exchanges Kaiser Health News 4/29/2011
Resource Milliman Presentation - September 5, 2012 EHB Hearing Milliman 9/4/2012
Resource Milliman EHB Analysis Milliman 8/27/2012
Resource EHB Candidate Plans Addendum Milliman 8/27/2012
External Link DRAFT - Group Market Health Insurance Coverage Model Act NAIC 3/16/2012
External Link NASHP: Health Insurance Exchange Basics NASHP 3/3/2011
External Link National Academy of Social Insurance: Designing an Exchange NASI 3/3/2011
Resource Health Care Overhaul Depends on States' Insurance Exchanges New York Times 4/29/2011
Resource Rating of Health Plans PPACA 3/30/2011
Resource Navigators PPACA 3/30/2011
Resource Levels of Coverage PPACA 3/30/2011
Resource Essential Health Benefits PPACA 3/30/2011
Resource Definition of Qualified Health Plan PPACA 3/30/2011
Resource Additional Benefits Beyond Essential Health Benefits PPACA 3/30/2011
Resource Role of Agents and Brokers PPACA 3/30/2011
Resource Laying the Foundation for State Based Exchanges State Cov. Init. 3/3/2011
External Link Academy Health: Health Insurance Exchanges: Key Issues for State Implementation State Cov. Init. 3/3/2011
External Link Stakeholder Perspectives Report, Health Insurance Governance and Structure (CO) State of Colorado 3/3/2011
Resource Legal Subcommittee Catalog (xls) Sunee Mickel 3/29/2011
External Link Commonwealth Fund: Health Insurance Exchanges: Key Policy Issues Timothy Jost 3/3/2011