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Volunteers from civic, industry and governmental groups are now working with staff from the Kansas Insurance Department to discuss how to implement a state-based health benefits exchange that would meet requirements of the federal health reform law.

There are eight work groups chaired by volunteers outside the department who are working on the various aspects of establishing a Kansas exchange. The work group activities will be posted on this site as they are available.

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Doc Type Description/Link to File Source Meeting Posted Date
Agenda February 20 agenda Feb. 20 2/20/2012
Agenda June 21 agenda Jun. 21 6/16/2011
Agenda May 23 agenda May 23 5/19/2011
Agenda April 26 agenda KID Apr. 26 4/26/2011
Agenda March 15 agenda KID Mar. 15 3/11/2011
Agenda February 17 agenda KID Feb. 17 2/21/2011
External Link Essential Benefits Hearing Regs, Comments and Hearing Documents KID 12/27/2012
External Link EHB Hearing Written Testimony and Comments, September 2012 9/18/2012
External Link KHI Webcast of the Supreme Court Health Reform Ruling (July 2) KHI 7/3/2012
External Link Kansas: Impact of Federal Health Reform KHPA/srHS/KDHE 3/29/2011
External Link Preliminary Estimates of the Impact of Federal Health Reform on State Spending in Kansas KHPA/KDHE 3/29/2011
External Link Kansas Health Benefit Exchange (KS HBE) Work Plan & Timeline KID 3/22/2011
External Link Stakeholder Perspectives Report, Health Insurance Governance and Structure (CO) State of Colorado 3/3/2011
External Link HHS Initial Guidance to States on Exchanges HHS 3/3/2011
External Link Academy Health: Health Insurance Exchanges: Key Issues for State Implementation State Cov. Init. 3/3/2011
External Link Commonwealth Fund: Health Insurance Exchanges: Eight Difficult Issues Commonwealth Fund 3/3/2011
External Link NASHP: Health Insurance Exchange Basics NASHP 3/3/2011
External Link California Becomes First State to Create Health Benefit Exchange Calif. Health Found. 3/3/2011
External Link Commonwealth Fund: Health Insurance Exchanges: Key Policy Issues Timothy Jost 3/3/2011
External Link National Academy of Social Insurance: Designing an Exchange NASI 3/3/2011
External Link The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act NAIC Feb. 17 2/21/2011
External Link PPACA Implementation: Consumer Recommendations for Regulators and Lawmakers Various Contributors Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource Milliman Presentation - September 5, 2012 EHB Hearing Milliman 9/4/2012
Resource September 5, 2012 EHB Hearing - Agenda and Speaker List 9/4/2012
Resource Milliman EHB Analysis Milliman 8/27/2012
Resource EHB Candidate Plans Addendum Milliman 8/27/2012
Resource Essential Health Benefits Hearing Notice - Sep. 5 KID 8/7/2012
Resource Plan Management presentation KID Feb. 20 2/20/2012
Resource HHS Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Establishment of Exchanges and Qualified Health Plans NAIC 8/11/2011
Resource The Impact of Health Reform on Insurance Benefits and Mandates in Kansas KHI 8/3/2011
Resource Tracking document May 23 5/23/2011
Resource Debunking the Mythology: The Utah and Massachusetts Health Exchanges Kaiser Health News 4/29/2011
Resource Health Care Overhaul Depends on States' Insurance Exchanges New York Times 4/29/2011
Resource The Massachusetts and Utah Health Insurance Exchanges: Lessons Learned Georgetown U. 4/29/2011
Resource Lessons from the Implementation of Massachusetts Health Reform BCBS-MA Foundation 3/17/2011
Resource Laying the Foundation for State Based Exchanges State Cov. Init. 3/3/2011
Resource KID Snapshot KID Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource Health Reform Implementation Timeline Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource Kansas Health Benefit Exchange Work Plan & Timeline KID Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource Scope of Work: Technical Integration STA Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource Process Guidelines (1) TeamTech Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource Process Guidelines (2) TeamTech Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource American Health Benefit Exchange Model Act NAIC Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource Health Insurance Exchanges and the Affordable Care Act: Eight Difficult Issues Timmothy Jost Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource Designing an Exchange: A Toolkit for State Policymakers NASI Feb. 17 2/21/2011
Resource Governance Issues for Health Insurance Exchanges NASI Feb. 17 2/21/2011